i’ll never tell you, my darling i don’t think i should — is it fair of me to put the pressure on you? i don’t think so. i don’t think you’d be happy to know simply by your being here (with your sticky hands and your gummy smile and your unruly curls) you have saved […]

Things I never thought I’d need to explain to my children

Don't put your feet in your diaper. Don't eat electrical wires. You can't push through solid wood; you aren't a x-man. Paper napkins aren't for eating. Gummy worms aren't really made from worms. You can't say the word pussy, even if the President said it. Nazis are bad. They hate us because we are Jewish. […]

Punishment for Living, Pt 1

I. Walking outside. “Hey, Fuck you fat bitch.” II. 7th grade Wearing my brand new Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, I desperately pretend Not to hear them say things And then “just so you know D—– just hawked a loogie All over your back.” How do you tell the secretary You need to go home Not because […]

Body Control

Being pregnant and schizophrenic is one of the strangest things that I have ever experienced in my life. On the best of days, I have a horrific relationship with my body. I find flaws everywhere – I’m fat, my hair is frizzy, my face is oily, my nose is too big, I have a unibrow […]


it’s been a month. i’ve never gone this long without talking to you. i had to remove your name from the family group updates for lily because your phone is no longer in service. i have to resave your last voicemail to me because fucking tmobile thinks that i want it gone. i had to […]

what you taught me that dad didn’t

how to change speeds on a ten speed bike how to pick myself up again when i fall and scrape my knees how to be happy with the little things how to identify the birds of North America how to tell how much rain fell overnight how to enjoy western movies how to handle mom […]